Vizibiliti Insight CEO Courtney Bentley Newsletter April 2017

Vizibiliti Insight CEO Courtney Bentley Newsletter April 2017

A Letter from the CEO

At Vizibiliti Insight our mission is to empower businesses to be disruptors – and avoid being disrupted.  We are passionate about changing the way organisations view business models and innovation.  We believe that digital transformation; integrating exponential technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, is necessary for companies to achieve a competitive advantage.  Rather you should strive to be the visionary than the laggard.  Exceptional effort is required to be first to market, particularly in an increasingly digital economy driven by efficiency, productivity and analytics.  It requires ongoing evolution and accelerated adoption of digital platforms to maintain the lead.

Anyone who has spent time with me knows that I am obsessed with technology in all forms; but my greatest dream is to contribute – even in the most infinitesimal way – to the advancement of artificial intelligence.  My commitment is to not only follow the example of the companies I admire most, such as: Tesla, SpaceX, IBM and GE, to name a few, but to carve out my own path.  Pioneer fresh methodology and inspire radical change in risk management and how it is practiced.

We are in an age of endlessly available data, some of it useful, plenty of it not.  Our goal is to leverage our love of data, technology and algorithms to remove the white noise of irrelevant data, thereby providing sophisticated analysis and a deeper digital understanding.  By definition risk management is the forecasting and evaluation of financial risk.  To mitigate a potential future crisis, we put procedures in place to minimize their impact.  But are these measures as effective as they are intended to be?

Developing a digital asset tailored to a specific industry and organisation is a smarter and more sensible way to manage risk.  No person is capable of ingesting and aggregating the immense quantities of data essential to deliver invaluable insight.  Vizibiliti is poised to offer the solution.  We collaborate with our clients and match risk to KPI’s and business objectives, thus ensuring complete alignment between what the business is driving, and what the models are trained to process.

As an example, we recently assisted the City of Tshwane in finding a solution to a billion rand problem.  Cable theft has far-reaching effects not limited to financial loss.  It disrupts communication and service delivery to communities, and endangers the lives of patients dependent on crucial life support systems. We devised a predictive intelligence model  – using internal, external and open data sources –to map where cable theft is most likely to occur as well as the risk management steps needed to prevent future losses.

In addition to our work with the City of Tshwane, we have produced complex software solutions for one of South Africa’s leading car part manufacturers, and a multinational brewing and beverage company.

Our latest endeavor is commercial, retail and industrial tenant default risk in South Africa, EMEA and other global markets.  Tenant default is a medium to high-risk concern for the majority of asset and property managers and is another billion rand dilemma.  Vizibiliti Insight has designed a predictive system that can:

  1. Provide a unique risk profile for each tenant,
  2. Correlate external factors affecting tenants,
  3. Generate scientifically supported recommendations to address issues case by case,
  4. Provide property managers with detailed insight – in real time – regarding the impact of decisions on a portfolio,
  5. Enable asset and property managers to proactively manage risk, as opposed to responding reactively,
  6. Identify and analyze trends.

On average asset managers, impair and/or write off, between 1 and 3% of their gross rental revenue.  This may seem insignificant as a number, in and of itself, but the combined financial impact to the industry is more than a billion rand annually.

Machine learning and deep learning techniques will enable our tenant default solution to become smarter with time.

We intend to enact what we learn in our future projects and continue to deliver exceptional products and services to multiple industries.

Yours Sincerely

Courtney Bentley

Chief Executive Officer

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