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The challenge

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Today we have too much data. It is not clear on what data we should filter out and what to focus on. As technology produces more information a critical skill is extracting what factors are important to your business and how they relate to each other impacting your business. Vizibiliti Insight recognises the need to provide sophisticated risk analysis without the noise, correlated with financial impact. Our solutions are geared to identify risks in real-time, recommend relevant recommendations to manage risks and identify the resulting financial business impact. Our solutions develop a deep digital understanding for a particular business continually learning which risks, decisions and processes have the greatest business impact. What we learn about each business has a significant impact on knowledge and decision-making skills transfer to anyone in the business. Empowered with a smart digital risk and opportunity analysis solution, people can gain the insights they need and make the appropriate decisions taking advantage of the new intelligence.

Predict risk

Act on insight


Measure financial impact

Predict risk


Risk can be a positive and negative indicator in many circumstances. How it is managed determines how successful the outcome.

Vizibiliti Insight creates unique risk scenarios for each business. Risks are matched to KPIs (key permanence indicators) and business objectives ensuring complete alignment between what the business is driving and what the models are trained to process.

Internal data (data generated by the business that the business has control over) and external data (data which has a direct or high-impact effect on business objectives which the business has no control over) is correlated to find patterns.

As patterns emerge Vizibiliti Insight learns how each variable impacts the business on a decision-making and financial level. With each pattern formation, our solution learns what constellation of variables has the most impact when, under what circumstances and why. Using this information we move to what to do when a certain risk is identified.

Real-time recommendations to act on identified risks


Vizibiliti Insight provides custom recommendations to manage risks in real-time. As a risk is identified stakeholders responsible for managing the risk are automatically notified.

Included in the notifications are personalised recommendations for that stakeholder with various suggestions to manage the identified risk. This results in the business having a defined set of recommendations, per stakeholder linked to a certain risk profile for a specific business unit.

This approach takes Artificial Intelligence to a next level by supporting an insight with an appropriate action. By digitally recording and learning all actions taken based on risk profiles, Vizibiliti Insight creates a tailored Artificial Intelligence solution with early-warning indicators, automated notifications to stakeholders and real-time recommendations.

The objective – a digital library of risks matched to recommendations equipping the business with powerful insights distributed throughout the business enabling people to make better decisions in short periods of time.

Measure financial impact


Vizibiliti Insight has a focused approach toward linking important financial indicators to our results. Correlating financial values to intelligence is one of the most important activities when measuring the business impact of our solutions. By creating this link we understand what risks and recommendations have on bottom line results. When measured with several internal and external environment factors, insight produced demonstrates what happens within the business when variables inside and outside the business change. Ultimately the result is to provide a comprehensive view of the business in context of the industry, local and global market. Linked to the other insights mentioned above businesses gain a competitive advantage over their peers while continually moving into the digital age.

All Vizibiliti Insight solutions are cloud based and operate exclusively as SaaS (software as a service) solutions. This approach enables powerful intelligence to be delivered in a flexible manner at a monthly fee. We compliment our offering with a performance based fee structure ensuing a win-win scenario for our customers.

Our business models are based on best practice methods global businesses use. Tailored pricing can also be negotiated on the type, size and industry vertical a business is in. Analysed insights are delivered over any device, 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Vizibiliti Insight operates with strict adherence to privacy and POPI regulations. As part of our ethical coding and privacy policy we will never divulge or share information about a company or a competitor we may be working with.

The highest level of security is applied to all information supported by internal auditing processes ensuring sensitive data is only viewed by executive team members. Data is often randomised with different teams working on portions of projects to eliminate any risk of highly sensitive information being shared among employees.

Reducing the involvement of internal I.T departments is a growing trend among businesses globally.

As technology and the requirement for executives to access valuable information is an imperative for most competitive businesses, it has been found that I.T is often too slow in delivering the value necessary for business leaders to function at the most optimal level possible.

Vizibiliti Insight has taken a co-creation approach with internal I.T departments and business executives to ensure internal procedures are adhered to, while business value is delivered in real-time to executives.

Complimented by our cloud based architecture our solutions do not need to be integrated in any way into a business I.T infrastructure, supporting the philosophy of maximum business impact in the shortest period of time with the least human involvement.

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