Differentiate your property portfolio. Period.

Introducing Kukodi, the fastest and easiest way to get in front of your ideal Tenant.


Kukodi is the only custom built commercial real estate platform which creates, distributes, markets, and personalises prospect communication about your property and vacancy in real time to a hand picked audience.

Differentiating your property & vacancy is just the beginning.

Kukodi creates and delivers immersive property experiences for office, retail, industrial, and mixed-use properties.

We empower landlords and brokers with relevant, meaningful custom built content to improve lease negotiations, increase deal flow, and assist in building long-lasting customer relationships.

Watch our virtual reality experiences

You own the experience

More deals. Less time.

Eliminate unnecessary site visits and meetings with prospects unlikely to lease the vacancy. Filtering serious prospects means you can focus more time on converting them into leases at less cost, at a fraction of the time.


Increased Negotiating Power

Unique insights on individuals and companies provides a comprehensive view of the prospect. Insights equip you to structure negotiations better, maximise cost per square meter, and negotiate preferable terms.

Qualified Lead Generation

Kukodi’s proprietary prioritisation algorithms analyse specific indicators which select and prioritise the hottest prospects resulting in high quality leads, reduced customer acquisition cost, and prioritised deal flow.


Next level prospect engagement

Take your customer conversations to a whole new level. Kukodi provides language suggestions which identify the most optimal approach, tone of voice, and understanding of customer likes and dislikes to completely personalise their engagement experience.

We do the heavy lifting

Crafting your Property Masterpiece

We build your own bespoke jaw dropping immersive and interactive property experience. Delivered in hours. We do the hard stuff. Just share it with your prospect and watch the magic.

100% Broker Support

Kukodi’s CRE platform caters to the fast-paced and competitive landlord and broker market. The custom deal-flow, broker experience pack, and unique communication intelligence provides world-class tools necessary to compete in a hypercompetitive environment.


Build long-lasting prospect relationships

Custom developed prospect communication equips you to deliver the exact amount of information at the right time to the right person. Tailored to require no additional input, so you can focus on building strong long-lasting meaningful relationships.

Intelligent marketing

Experience driven canvasing, intelligent communication, and in-depth prospect analysis enables brokers to optimise their time, reduce overheads and place prospects faster.

Trusted by the biggest most successful landlords

With over 3500 hours spent on developing the Kukodi experience with 5832 improvements, Kukodi has evolved to completely support experiential commercial real estate. Our sole focus is to help you succeed in your business.

CRE experts consulted

New features added weekly

Iterations perfecting the experience

Perfection delivered across all your platforms