Proactive tenant default risk management for property managers

Predict tenant default risk


Tenant default risk in South Africa is a medium to high-risk concern for most property and asset managers.

To effectively manage the tenant default risk Vizibiliti Insight’s Predictive Tenant Default Risk Solution predicts which tenants are at highest risk of not meeting their contractual commitments on time leading to impairment.

Using fact-based evidence gathered from internal and external data sources, Vizibiliti Insight can provide unique risk profiles on each tenant, per property unique to that portfolio.

Going beyond internal factors (factors inside the businesses control) effecting tenant default Vizibiliti Insight can correlate what factors externally (factors directly or that have a high-impact on the business outside the businesses control) have on financial performance.

Portfolio specific risk profiles


Vizibiliti Insight’s Tenant Default Solution develops unique tenant risk profiles, per tenant, property, location and sector correlated to several internal and local economic data points.

This granular perspective of a prospective or existing tenant provides property managers with insights that can alert them in real-time to possible new threats that will have a unique impact on a portfolio.

Tailored tenant recommendations


Vizibiliti Insight’s Tenant Default Software records and suggests what the most effective route to reclaim impaired debt is. Suggestions are recommended per tenant, scenario and portfolio.

The business impact of each decision is recorded providing the property manager with detailed insights into which decisions have the greatest impact on a portfolio.

View and manage risk from any device


Vizibiliti Insight Tenant Default Software enables property managers and executives to view and manage risks from any device and software platform 24/7.

The cloud-based software enables quality decision-making without having to analyse several different spreadsheets and databases to find important information. The easy to use and interpret interface enables easy viewing of information within seconds, delivering important insights where further detailed information can be extracted.

Automated alerts and recommendations assist in identifying risks early on, complimented by what actions should be taken to act on new insights.

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