Predicting alcoholic beverage shelf life

Predictive business value


The liquor industry is a highly competitive market, impacted by multiple macro and local factors. There are seasonal effects, harvesting challenges and packaging unknowns to name a few.

The ability for a beverage producer and distributor to predict risk early on during a key process for example, the chemical reactions between compounds when mixing takes place has a significant impact on bottom line results.

Predicting beverage shelf life works along similar principals to any other business. Vizibiliti Insight is reducing the risk of products going to waste while increasing operational efficiency and bottom line results.

Financial indicators


Vizibiliti Insight discovers which financial indicators have the highest contribution in achieving shareholder growth expectations specific to the business.

An optimisation model is developed to align the business and operational interests with leading predictive indicators with the greatest impact on financial performance.

An example of this may be to run a scenario analysis of the impact on sales figures should operational efficiency decrease by 5% as a result of 100 batches of product being discarded due to a lack of early-warning shelf life risk analysis.

Predictive intelligence can then be linked to knock-on effects including how distribution will be effected, dispatch and ultimately the end customer.

By correlating multiple internal data sources executives, line managers, sales teams and machine operators can forecast the impact on operations making informed decisions in short periods of time.


Data quality factors


Data quality and hygiene is often cited as a major control challenge when working with most data sets. There is another level of complexity, which is what format the data is currently being collected or if it is collected at all.

By understanding which metrics business considers to be most important Vizibiliti Insight can identify the relevant operational metrics. If necessary, a proprietary implementation analysis can occur shedding light on what data tables, format and database types are currently being used to store valuable information.

In some instances, important early-warning predictive data or financial data is not being recorded. In such cases, Vizibiliti Insight would look at the optimal method of automatically generating that data and using IoT technology including beacons, RFID tags or Raspberry Pi to accomplish the task.

Vizibiliti Insight continues to discover and engage cutting edge technology capable of recording and automating the collection of leading financial and predictive indicators improving the collection and quality of necessary information.

Macro and internal variables


Vizibiliti Insight uses data collected from the macro environment and internal data sources with the highest impact on financial and operational performance.

By connecting these data sources, Vizibilti Insight is able to form trends correlated to one another strengthening predictive insights.

Once a risk has been identified after analysing several internal and external factors an automated decision is recommended to the stakeholder(s) responsible for managing the risk.

Continuous feedback loops generate insights measuring the performance of the decision. This provides the beverage manufacturer and distributor with a defined set of recommendations correlated with certain types of risks and the resulting financial impact.

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