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Experiential Retail

We provide an interactive Tenant/Landlord marketplace using our unique Kukodi platform. The development of Kukodi was in response to a great need for short-term tenancies to adapt to an increasingly dynamic market.

Experiential retail is becoming more prevalent and demands for an innovative, unforgettable experience continues to grow. We make it possible for Landlords/ brokers to take advantage of the new and fast growing trend towards short-term tenancy.

Even classic retail tenants are experimenting with targeted brand-activation’s, seasonal roll-outs and market-testing popups. Kukodi generates market wide leads for landlords and brokers to fill vacancies without advertising in a direct open market. Kukodi is the perfect tool to match tenants to landlords.


Automated Tenant Selection

Automated Tenant Selection is a sophisticated tool that can be used to predict which potential tenants may be most prosperous. It has been designed to determine the future success of a tenant before they become and ongoing risk to your business.  Basically the solution ensures that vacant spaces are filled with tenants who are able abide by the imposed reversion rate as well as other contractual obligations including turnover percentages to be paid over to the landlord as applicable.

There is a tremendous cost associated with filling vacancies, which can be decreased by using meaningful data to predict future scenarios.

Our system allows Landlords to make the best possible decision for their property, renting space to stable tenants with a proven track record.

Automated Management Reporting

Automated Management Reporting offers all levels of management, from board level to general managers, the opportunity to truly understand their data.  Using the same data set we are able to generate reports that are as high level or detailed as required.  The benefit to the business is that information is aggregated to standardise reporting to make it easier to get and analyse data.

Tenant Mix Optimsation

Tenant Mix Optimisation is a common term used in the property management field but we are innovating how this is performed.  Our solution takes into account:  Trading density, year on year expected turnover growth and predicts likelihood of a tenant surviving in a particular space.  We can also predict bad debt using the tenant’s risk profile and external factors.

Predicting the right tenant mix is enormously beneficial to the property as it can be tied in with experiential retail.  Retail properties have their own brand and identity independent of the company and it is important for a tenant to fit into that environment.  Landlords can more closely control the customer’s experience by creating a desirable atmosphere.

An optimal assortment of tenants is the key to positive encounters with customers.

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